I started making a game

So I’m probably not going to do much drawing for quite a while, other than finishing up that thing on the other blog.

When I get to the point where I need to start designing characters and stuff that’ll potentially all go here, but that’s probably months off (gotta write de progrums m8)



It was only a matter of time.

This is a NFSW blog.  Do not go here if you do not like the NSFW thing.  You have been warned.  Content is limited until I finish more crap.  Gonna start another sexy loop soon.

BTW if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet it’s really good and hilarious and shit.  Every main character gets a good handful of hilarious moments and the overall tone of the film is a lot of fun.  I really like the way Drax fights.  It is maybe a little too dense, and could do with some breathing room for character fluff or whatever, but it works out really well as-is.  Main villain is pretty boring, but that’s kind of a Marvel staple and works reasonably well within the context of this movie so it doesn’t really detract much.


Anonymous asked: Aw man, I wish that loop was m/f. Do you think you'll make edits of that? Or just make any m/f animations (Preferably with Dash) in the future?

I already have spent way more time than I wanted getting that loop finished, so edits are unlikely.  THAT SAID: there is nothing stopping me from doing M/F stuff in future loops.  Hopefully I’ll get a bit more efficient at producing animation as time goes on.

This is as done as it’s gonna get

In light of my propensity to draw lewd loops, I’m gonna start an NSFW blog that I’ll link here once it’s set up.  In the meantime, have some harshwhinny/dash nonsense



Anonymous asked: tumblr recommended your blog to me but I didn't watch it because there were too many filler spam posts and not enough content. just figured I'd mention this.

Yeah I don’t know what tumblr was thinking, man.

Do you know

How many goddamn times I’ve drawn Harshwhinny’s hair, now?

I’m working on another loop

It’s not going to be appropriate for this blog.  At this rate I’ll probably start up an NSFW tumblr soon.

But anyways, not ded.  Animation is time consuming and I have videogames to play!

I animated a thing

It’s not safe for work in the slightest, and it would corrupt my good christian horse tumblr to post it directly here, so instead you get a booru link and a warning if you don’t want to see explicit pone material.


When I grow up

I wanna be huge like Gamagoori.